The Bruxy Cavey Maneuver on Inerrancy

In some recent material put out by Bruxy Cavey (see here and here), he claims that he agrees with, or “aligns with” the doctrine of inerrancy. That may take some people off guard considering Cavey’s documented history of refuting both the word and concept of inerrancy (partially documented here and here and here). So, what is going on here?

Bruxy Cavey’s double-tongued position on biblical inerrancy

In this post I will hopefully shed some light on what I see Bruxy Cavey doing in his attempts to appear to affirm scriptural inerrancy from the record of his own teaching

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Why is Bruxy Cavey Teaching at Tyndale?


Tyndale University, College and Seminary is in Toronto Ontario. This summer they are offering a course in Evangelism taught by Bruxy Cavey, Pastor of The Meeting House. I have heard Bruxy teach on evangelism before, and it makes me wonder – why would Tyndale have Bruxy teaching there? Continue reading “Why is Bruxy Cavey Teaching at Tyndale?”