Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 1

Following Brian Zahnd’s message diatribe at The Meeting House (my review starts here), he stuck around to do a “Meeting House Round Table” podcast with Bruxy Cavey. It was an hour-long interview where Bruxy asked Zahnd and his wife to speak on their view of Scripture, pacifism, and atonement theory.0

Here I want to examine what Zahnd and Bruxy say regarding Scripture specifically.

In this post I’ll be bringing attention to Zahnd’s statements regarding continuing personal revelation and how that relates to his rejection of certain parts of Scripture.

On Following Jesus and Not the Bible

Bruxy asks Zahnd directly about what he said in his message about following Jesus and not the Bible. Bruxy brings up what he says is a common objection: Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 1”

Bruxy Cavey Importing American Lies 4: Brian Zahnd’s Confusion Reaches it’s Apex

This is the fouth part of my review of Brian Zahnd’s teaching at The Meeting House. For some context, you can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. In this series I am reviewing Zahnd’s sermon and a Roundtable podcast he participated in during his visit to The Meeting House.

His sermon was called “Bad Idea: The Bible Trumps Jesus” in which he argues for an incoherent view of Scripture. To Zahnd, the Bible is inconsistent, contradictory, and contains erroneous “assumptions” about God. Because of this, he advocates that we interpret all of Scripture through the lens of Jesus.

In this post I’m going to address something Zahnd says which, frankly, frightens me.

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