Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube

I was informed a few days ago by someone who had linked to some of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching videos from Fresno Pacific University for the purpose of criticism that one of the videos he had linked to had been deleted from You Tube. When I got home I checked my own playlist of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching and noticed that several of the videos on that playlist had been deleted.videogonelist

It appears that all of the Fresno Pacific University videos of Cavey’s teaching there have disappeared. These were the videos that contained some of the most concerning statements from Cavey on the subjects of Scripture, atonement, the immutability of God, homosexuality, and others. Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube”

Bruxy Cavey and Paul Hill: Detaching Christ from Scripture

Bruxy Cavey loves to make a distinction between following Jesus and following the Bible. This is a distinction without a difference. Cavey uses this tactic to justify dismissing those things in the Bible which he deems inconsistent with his own view of Christ (more about this later in this article). I have addressed this false distinction here.

When we imbue the Bible with the place and power that only Jesus should hold, Christ-followers can become idolatrous Bible-followers rather than Christ-followers – and that is a recipe for disaster.” – The Authority of the Word of God in Print and in Person – The Meeting House

To drive this point home, Cavey uses the example of a Pastor named Paul Hill (see this sermon and The Authority of the Word of God in Print and in Person). Reverend Paul Hill professed Christ and, in Cavey’s words, was “A very dedicated and passionate evangelical pastor, Paul Hill was committed to the authority of Scripture. He was passionate for God, and followed the Bible as his authority for faith and practice.” Reverend Hill shot and killed an abortion doctor and his bodyguard with a shotgun and found his justification for doing so in the Scriptures, according to Bruxy Cavey.

Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey and Paul Hill: Detaching Christ from Scripture”

Bruxy Cavey on Atonement: Shedding Blood Not Necessary for God

C9BfzXaV0AAISMHA few weeks ago Bruxy Cavey spoke at Greg Boyd’s church and gave this classic Bruxy sermon in which he once again denied and preached against inerrancy, the ultimate authority of Scripture, and Penal Substitutionary Atonement. He was there to promote Greg Boyd’s newest book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, which attempts to make sense of the Old Testament revelation of God in a way consistent with Neo-Pacifist presuppositions. Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey on Atonement: Shedding Blood Not Necessary for God”