Bruxy Cavey’s Radical Obfuscation 2: A Response to “Radical Christians & the Word of God (Part 2 of 3): Inerrancy”

This is my response to Bruxy Cavey’s second article in his series, Radical Christians & the Word of God, speaking to his view of Scripture. His article focuses on scriptural inerrancy. My response to his first article on authority is here.

This article has been on the back burner for quite a while. I only recently had an opportunity to finish it.

A number of months ago, Bruxy Cavey wrote a series of articles as a response to public criticism he has been receiving. In reading these articles I realized that they are not written with the purpose of answering the serious concerns that have been voiced regarding his doctrine of Scripture. No, those concerns are not even acknowledged. Instead, Cavey is doubling down on his position, repeating the same bad arguments that have been refuted already, and misrepresenting the controversy as a whole.

Here is my response to Bruxy Cavey’s article, “Radical Christians & the Word of God (Part 2 of 3): Inerrancy”. I’m going to interact with Cavey’s arguments against Scriptural Inerrancy as well as his examples of what he sees as Scriptural errors. It’s a long article, but I wanted to demonstrate in detail just how poor Cavey’s case is here.

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Is Scripture the Word of God?: An Examination of Recent Claims of Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy Cavey recently made the claim that Scripture does not refer to itself as the Word of God. He and other leaders in his denomination are also on record claiming that Scripture doesn’t teach it’s own inerrancy. In this post I am going to tackle these two separate, but inextricably linked issues. Cavey and his friends are just wrong about what Scripture claims for itself.

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The Bruxy Cavey Maneuver on Inerrancy

In some recent material put out by Bruxy Cavey (see here and here), he claims that he agrees with, or “aligns with” the doctrine of inerrancy. That may take some people off guard considering Cavey’s documented history of refuting both the word and concept of inerrancy (partially documented here and here and here). So, what is going on here?

Bruxy Cavey’s double-tongued position on biblical inerrancy

In this post I will hopefully shed some light on what I see Bruxy Cavey doing in his attempts to appear to affirm scriptural inerrancy from the record of his own teaching

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Bad Hermeneutics in a Tattoo: Follow-up

In my article “Bad Hermeneutics in a Tattoo” I interacted with Bruxy Cavey’s article “The Good News in a Tattoo“. I demonstrated that Cavey’s understanding of both Leviticus 19:28 and Hebrews 8:13 that led him to get his tattoo is simply bad. I quoted Dr. James White in that article and credited him for helping me to understand Leviticus 19:28 much better.

Well, yesterday Dr. White briefly addressed the article and offered some insights into Cavey’s overarching understanding of Scripture. Here is the video where he addresses the article and Cavey’s understanding of Leviticus 19:28. The relevant section begins at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

The Dividing Line, Alpha and Omega Ministries – May 21, 2019

Recommended Reading

For the record, I agree with Dr. White’s comments regarding Cavey’s attitude as being a reaction to fundamentalism. He’s not the first to note this, of course. Consider this quote from the abstract of Peter Schuurman’s doctoral thesis titled Bruxy Cavey and The Meeting House Megachurch: A Dramaturgical Model of Charismatic Leadership Performing “Evangelicalism for People Not Into Evangelicalism”.

Cavey deliberately takes “role distance” from the stereotype of a right-wing evangelical pastor, using satire to deconstruct the mores of North American evangelical culture and create an “alienating effect”in his audience.The negatively oriented opening acts create a space in which a new script can be constructed, and I demonstrate next Cavey’s two core romantic narratives that champion “relationship, not religion”—a script that is to be enacted through their weekday Home Churches.Not all attendees are caught up in this dramatic web to the same degree, however, as attendees select elements from it for their own purposes, some embracing and identifying with the whole script, while others take pieces from it to arrange into a more eclectic religious life.

Peter Schuurman, Bruxy Cavey and The Meeting House Megachurch: A Dramaturgical Model of Charismatic Leadership Performing “Evangelicalism for People Not Into Evangelicalism”

As one Pastor has said, this is the very definition of a schismatic. Schuurman expands upon this in Chapter 4 of the thesis. It is well worth the read.

My thanks to Dr. White for addressing this!

Bruxy Cavey’s Radical Obfuscation: A Response to “Radical Christians & the Word of God (Part 1 of 3): Authority”


Bruxy Cavey recently publisheded a blog series responding to some of the criticism of his view of Scripture. Part 1 on the issue of authority is here.

I’m going to make a few comments in response to Part 1. I’ll not be dismantling this arguments point-by-point, but I hope to blow a big enough hole in the argument as a whole to expose it for what it is. Here are my main criticisms.

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Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube

I was informed a few days ago by someone who had linked to some of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching videos from Fresno Pacific University for the purpose of criticism that one of the videos he had linked to had been deleted from You Tube. When I got home I checked my own playlist of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching and noticed that several of the videos on that playlist had been deleted.videogonelist

It appears that all of the Fresno Pacific University videos of Cavey’s teaching there have disappeared. These were the videos that contained some of the most concerning statements from Cavey on the subjects of Scripture, atonement, the immutability of God, homosexuality, and others. Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube”

Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 2

dumpsterfirecropThis will be my final post reviewing Brian Zahnd’s trip to The Meeting House. We’ll take one final look at some comments made in the “Meeting House Round Table” podcast Zahnd recorded with Bruxy Cavey then I want to move on to some other important things in the weeks to come.

In my last post we were examining comments from Zahnd and Cavey regarding their doctrine of Scripture. We saw that Brian Zahnd sits and communes with spiritual entities which laugh along with him as he rejects the veracity of Scripture (you can’t make this stuff up), and that he is simply embarrassed by what Scripture actually teaches. Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 2”

Rebel Alliance Podcast #72 The Gospel according to Bruxy Cavey with Jacob Reaume

Check out this podcast from Rebel Alliance Podcast on the topic of Bruxy Cavey’s doctrine with guest Pastor Jacob Reaume feom Trinity Bible Chapel.

Listen here and be sure to subscribe! The segment on Bruxy Cavey begins at 16:35.

Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 1

Following Brian Zahnd’s message diatribe at The Meeting House (my review starts here), he stuck around to do a “Meeting House Round Table” podcast with Bruxy Cavey. It was an hour-long interview where Bruxy asked Zahnd and his wife to speak on their view of Scripture, pacifism, and atonement theory.0

Here I want to examine what Zahnd and Bruxy say regarding Scripture specifically.

In this post I’ll be bringing attention to Zahnd’s statements regarding continuing personal revelation and how that relates to his rejection of certain parts of Scripture.

On Following Jesus and Not the Bible

Bruxy asks Zahnd directly about what he said in his message about following Jesus and not the Bible. Bruxy brings up what he says is a common objection: Continue reading “Bruxy Cavey Interviews Brian Zahnd 1”

Bruxy Cavey Importing American Lies 6: Brian Zahnd Corrects The Great Sin of the Church

1200px-Temptations_of_Christ_(San_Marco)This is the sixth part of my review of Brian Zahnd’s teaching at The Meeting House. You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. In this series am reviewing Zahnd’s sermon and a Roundtable podcast he participated in during his visit to The Meeting House.

This post will conclude my review of the sermon he preached, “Bad Idea: The Bible Trumps Jesus” before I move on to his Roundtable podcast interview he did with Bruxy Cavey.

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