Other Material On Bruxy Cavey


I am not the only person criticizing Bruxy Cavey’s aberrant theology. I wanted to compile a list of materials from others doing the same. I will update this catalogue as needed.

If you come across a blog, sermon, or other material that would be appropriate to post here feel free to send it to me via the contact page.

Pastor Jacob Reaume, Trinity Bible Chapel, Breslau, Ontario

Pastor Reaume is my Pastor. He’s a much better writer than me, and he has written a number of articles for the church’s blog:

Tim Barnett, Stand to Reason

Tim Barnett is an apologist with Greg Koukl’s Stand to Reason ministry:

Tim Challies – Author, Blogger (Challies.com)

Dr. John Neufeld, Back to the Bible Canada

Dr. John Neufeld is a respected Bible teacher both nationally and internationally. He is the former pastor of one of the largest churches in Canada. He is an author, speaker, and Council Member on The Gospel Coalition. He is also in the Mennonite tradition.

  • Messages delivered at the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists National Conference in 2017: In his Wednesday Morning message on the Authority of Scripture, Dr. Neufeld says “When Bruxy Cavey says that ‘I follow Jesus and not necessarily the Bible’, my response to that is ‘Where do you learn about Jesus but from the Apostles that Christ had chosen, whom he invested his authority into, and whom he promised the Holy Spirit that they would be the authoritative interpretters of what he said?’ I would prefer the words of Matthew and the words of John over the words of Bruxy when it comes to Jesus! That’s my response to that!” (22:50)

Dr. Rich Davis, Tyndale University and College (Philosophy Dept.), Toronto, Ontario

  • Bruxy on Inerrancy – “In this series of 7 posts, Professor Richard Davis examines the principle arguments given by Bruxy Cavey against the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.”
  • Penal Substitution and the Pacifists – Dr. Davis analyzes the pacifist interpretation of Isaiah 53 that is promoted by by Bruxy Cavey and others. SPOILER ALERT – the pacifist view is nonsense.

Wyatt Graham, Executive Director of The Gospel Coalition Canada

  • Three Reasons Why We Can Trust the Old Testament – Wyatt Graham addresses Cavey, Boyd, and Stanley’s various approaches to the Old Testament and gives a few basic reasons why they are in error. “Stanley, Boyd, and Cavey wrongly point away from the Old Testament. They hope to help people, but they really draw people away from their source of salvation and from Christ who dwells richly in the word of God through the Spirit.”

Pastor Carl Muller, Trinity Baptist Church, Burlington, Ontario

  • In My Place Condemned He Stood is a sermon delivered by Pastor Muller refuting Bruxy Cavey’s comments on and rejection of the biblical doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement.

Pastor Sean Sheeran, Hespeler Baptist Church, Cambridge, Ontario

  • John 10:11-21 – In a message delivered at Maple Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor Sean Sheeran preaches on the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. At about 13:00 he points out that Bruxy Cavey denies this doctrine and further argues that this is a denial of the gospel.

Pastor Don Horban, Cedarview Community Church, Newmarket, Ontario