Herald Press Has Ceased Production and Sales of Bruxy Cavey’s Books

Following the exposure of Bruxy Cavey’s years-long unconfessed extramarital sexual sin, his publisher has decided to stop all sales of his two books and their companion study guides. Herald Press (Harrisonburg, VA) made the announcement yesterday that Cavey titles The End of Religion and (re)Union and their study guides will no longer be made available. Cavey’s author bio is still on their website, but I don’t expect that to last long either.

Good on Herald Press, but it’s a shame that these books ever made it past the Editor’s table considering the nature of the content.

I’m sure if you wanted a copy for your shelf labelled “Heresy – For Research Purposes ONLY” you could still find them at retailers who have inventory. I guess my first edition The End of Religion and Advance Reader Copy of (re)Union are now collector’s items!

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