Discussing Paul Carter’s attempt at clarity with Bruxy Cavey – UPDATED

Pastor Jacob Reaume and myself were invited onto Rebel Alliance Media’s Rebel Podcast to discuss the troubling issues we have seen with the ongoing public interaction between Pastor Paul Carter of TGC Canada and First Baptist Church Orillia, Ontario and Bruxy Cavey.

Here are parts one and two of the podcast. Also, you should head over to Rebel Alliance Media to check out what else they have to offer.

There are also two videos that accompany this podcast. One video documents Bruxy Cavey’s teaching on the subject of biblical inerrancy, and the other his teaching on atonement. These are posted below to give some context to why we are concerned that these interactions have completely failed thus far in bringing sufficient clarity to the situation, but have only served to further muddy the waters.

Here is part one of the Rebel Podcast:

Here is part two:

Here is the video on atonement:

And Inerrancy:

7 thoughts on “Discussing Paul Carter’s attempt at clarity with Bruxy Cavey – UPDATED

  1. I am beginning to wonder what “Reformed” means within the context of the Gospel Coalition.

    I would like you to unpack in greater detail what/who exactly Jesus was addressing in the Sermon on the Mount in His “you have heard” statements. He NEVER quotes Scripture this way, but always says, “It is written . . .” It is apparent that He is quoting the rabbinical interpretation themselves, which sometimes include the Biblical text, but then places itself above Scriptural authority. This is clear from Matthew 5:43 which does not appear to be a full quote from the Torah.

    So Jesus is not teaching against the Law or contradicting it; He is attacking the teachers of the Law and their twisting of it.


    1. Off the top of my head I can think of three articles in which I have addressed Cavey’s various claims that Jesus taught in contradiction to the law of Moses in the Sermon on the Mount and elsewhere.

      1. https://onceforalldelivered.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/bruxy-caveys-radical-obfuscation-a-response-to-radical-christians-the-word-of-god-part-1-of-3-authority/

      2. https://onceforalldelivered.wordpress.com/2019/05/16/another-gospel-three-ways-bruxy-caveys-teaching-denies-christs-fulfillment-of-the-law/

      3. https://onceforalldelivered.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/the-error-of-the-lawless/

      I fully agree that Jesus is correcting the bad, traditional interpretations of the law as imposed by false teachers, not the law itself.

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  2. I attended the meeting house Church or download it’s teachings from 1999-2017. I was involved in their home churches and another discipleship programs weekly from 2008-2017. I have read many of the articles posted by Jacob Reaume and Eric Scheinder. I believe Eric and Jacob have accurately articulated Bruxy Caveys teachings. It is clear to me that Eric and Jacob have done their homework in taking the time to understand the teachings of the meeting house. As someone who listened to the teachings for almost two decades , and who observed closely how the teachings were lived out and practiced, I do not think they are being unfairly critical or harsh in their treatment of Bruxy Cavey.

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  3. Thanks very much for your continued work on this Eric, its very valuable to those trying to sort this out and to uncovering the truth of this matter.


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