Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube

I was informed a few days ago by someone who had linked to some of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching videos from Fresno Pacific University for the purpose of criticism that one of the videos he had linked to had been deleted from You Tube. When I got home I checked my own playlist of Bruxy Cavey’s teaching and noticed that several of the videos on that playlist had been deleted.videogonelist

It appears that all of the Fresno Pacific University videos of Cavey’s teaching there have disappeared. These were the videos that contained some of the most concerning statements from Cavey on the subjects of Scripture, atonement, the immutability of God, homosexuality, and others.

Consider some of these statements that were pulled from those videos:

“The whole concept of the authority of scripture is unscriptural. God has authority, Jesus has authority. He says in the great commission ‘all authority has been given to me’, not to the scriptures. The authority of the scriptures as scripture is just a weird way of talking that Protestants made up to fight the Catholics! You guys say the Pope has authority, we say only the scriptures have authority and then we started talking about the Bible as though it’s an authoritative thing just because we wanted to have a different source of authority than the Catholics. That’s why the Catholics called the Protestants ‘the people who follow the paper pope’. Because all they had done is imbued what the Catholics said about the Pope in the Bible. And so we went out of the frying pan and into the fire – Protestants were just as confused.” – Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy (2:05)

“So, when we talk about Sola Scriptura, when we talk about the authority of scripture, ah, it sounds good and I know what you’re trying to say but you can set yourself up for a problem. When you talk about the inerrancy of scripture you’re actually just starting to make an argument about something that the Bible doesn’t even want you to argue about. Paul says to Timothy quite clearly that all scripture is, what? God-breathed or inspired and is – what’s the next word – and is (class says ‘useful’) There ya go! It comes from God and it’s useful! You should use it, it’s really useful! Try it sometime, really useful book! Use it! (class laughs) That’s what he says! Comes from God and it’s useful! And when you believe it’s from God and you use it that’s enough. Then when you build another theology about it’s inerrancy what you basically say to the world is ‘I double triple dog dare you to find one simple mistake and if you do my whole theology falls to pieces.’ So I think why do we even initiate that argument with people? Jesus is the inerrant word of God, in other words he is sin less and he is perfect.” – Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy (2:50)

Speaking of 1 Corinthians 1:13-17 where Bruxy Cavey accuses Paul of error – “I love that, that’s beautiful and brilliant and human and God partners with our fallible memories and to me that doesn’t make me question anything because I never expected Paul to be perfect, I expected Jesus to be perfect and Paul’s his apostle and I know that God’s working with Paul to write scripture and so if his imperfections come out that’s great. What do I do with a doctrine of inerrancy over a passage like this? That verse that says ‘I thank God I did not baptize any of you’ – is that right? ‘Well except Crispus and Gaius’- is that right? Or is this right? Or is it this? Which part of it is inerrant?Well it’s actually showing errancy! It’s showing Paul’s errancy and I love that. And I don’t have to try and figure that out because Jesus is the authoritative,infallible word of God. How about -oh there’s that -no, okay, sorry I could just keep going but that’snot my main point here. But it is fun (class laughs).”- Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy (5:50)

“We do live at a time in history where many people identify Penal Substitutionary Atonement theory as the gospel. Penal Substitutionary Atonement is a theory about how the gospel works. I happen to think it’s the wrong theory.”-Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Gospel Proclamation in the Book of Acts (9:24)

“When it comes to the actual act of killing and wrathing – the only wrath that is expressed at the cross is the wrath of us against Christ, not the wrath of the Father upon Christ. There is wrath poured out on Jesus and that is the wrath of the religious leaders and the wrath of the Roman soldiers, it is the wrath of humanity in sin. God comes in and raises Jesus from the dead.” Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Gospel Proclamation in the Book of Acts (11:02)

“I’d love to convert everyone away from Penal Substitutionary Atonement as a theory of atonement, but if I didn’t that’s fine. But what I can say is just don’t preach it.” – Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Gospel Proclamation in the Book of Acts (10:08)

“How do you forgive somebody? You just forgive them! You don’t say ‘wait wait wait, I’ll get back to you,first I gotta go kill something!’You are made in his image and how do you forgive? You just forgive. How does God forgive? He just forgives.” – Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Theories of Atonement

“You say ‘you mean he didn’t need Jesus to die and go through all of that so that he could forgive?’ No no, he’s omnipotent, he can do anything he wants and he can just forgive. He didn’t have to die on the cross so he could finally say ‘oh good! Now I can forgive!’ Jesus died on the cross as God’s choice to reveal his love for us.”-Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Theories of Atonement

Cavey says Charles Spurgeon’s famous quote that “Calvinism is the Gospel” is heretical, anti-gospel, and anti-Christ. Bruxy Cavey – The Gospel is not a Particular Theology (0:12)

I’m not sure why Fresno Pacific closed that specific You Tube account. Maybe they were aware of the criticism coming Bruxy Cavey’s way and decided to take the evidence down, or maybe they simply closed the account for other reasons. That said, I thought something like this might happen somewhere along the line so I downloaded copies of all of them last year.I think these videos are important so I have begun reposting them.

The following are the new links for those videos. I will update the list as I continue to upload them:

Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy –

Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Theories of Atonement –

Bruxy Cavey Teaching on Gospel Proclamation in Acts –

Bruxy Cavey – The Gospel is not a Particular Theology –

Bruxy Cavey – God Has Bonded Himself to Us –

3 thoughts on “Bruxy Cavey Videos are Disappearing from You Tube

  1. Interesting. Perhaps the truth is working! The Spurgeon quote is sort of out of place though as there are many orthodox Arminians who hold to inerrancy that would reject that quote. I doubt they would ever call it anti-gospel though. The key issue of course is the authority of Scripture.


  2. I agree about the Spurgeon quote. I just think it’s interesting to contrast Cavey’s reaction to Calvinism compared to his reaction to things like Universalism, Open Theism, etc. It seems the only thing he really speaks strongly against is Calvinism. The videos contain lots of interesting comments from Cavey on a range of topics from the immutability of God to homosexuality in the church and other things.


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