Paul Carter on How to Spot a False Teacher

In typical passive-aggressive style, Pastor Paul Carter of Cornerstone Baptist Church, TGC Canada’s most prolific content creator is decrying a great injustice and bad behaviour he’s witnessed from somebody who shall not be named. Except, it’s obvious who he’s talking about.

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UPDATE: TGC Canada Finally Addresses Bruxy Cavey Revelations

Bruxy Cavey has fallen, and it was his own doing. I haven’t written in a while, so here’s a quick update.

The Meeting House (TMH), a “Church for People who Aren’t Into Church”, is reeling as they receive dozens of accusations (38 as of June 7, 2022) of sexual misconduct committed by four different men who were in positions of leadership there including Cavey, former Senior Pastor Tim Day, and two former Youth Pastors who have already faced charges (Kieran Naidoo and David Churchill). Cavey confessed to having an extramarital affair, and has since been arrested and formally charged by police with Sexual Assault. Staff of both TMH and the BIC are resigning, including Senior Pastor Darrell Winger. People are leaving. Giving is down 30-40% and there is talk of consolidating TMH’s 20 sites to 6. All of Cavey’s material has been removed from all TMH and BIC social media, as with other institutions and entities that featured him regularly. Furthermore, Cavey’s publisher has stopped printing and selling his books.

Big Deal

This is a big deal. TMH was the biggest megachurch in Canada for a time. Cavey is one of the most recognizable players in the Canadian religious scene. I have a tee-shirt with Cavey’s face on it that says “welcome to heresy central” (a quote from this talk) and have been stopped in the street by people who recognize Cavey — can you name another Canadian pastor who’s image would illicit such a reaction?

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The Meeting House’s Latest Townhall and the Effect of Unbiblical Theological Commitments

The Meeting House (TMH) continues to put out Townhall videos following the sexual misconduct charges against Bruxy Cavey, his subsequent removal, and the announcement that two more women have come forward with allegations against Cavey. These Townhall videos give TMH’s Board of Overseers the opportunity to publicly address questions and concerns they receive and give updates on the process of investigating and disciplining Cavey and other issues going forward with TMH.

The third and most recent video was live streamed on March 31, 2022. There were a couple of things that were of concern to me as I watched. I can’t help but think that much of TMH’s response to the current situation is being hindered by their own theological commitments.

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Two More Allegations Against Bruxy Cavey

Last night The Meeting House sent out an email updating their church on the unfolding events surrounding Bruxy Cavey. In it, they notified readers that two more individuals have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Bruxy Cavey.

“Our commitment, as we follow Jesus, is to be as honest and transparent as possible as we foster a safe and caring church community. Out of that. commitment, we need to share with you that Melodie has received new allegations of sexual misconduct against Bruxy, unrelated to the previous investigation. Melodie has obtained permission from the two individuals who have come forward to notify the Overseers and the church community that the allegations have been made. These individuals are aware that their allegations have not yet been investigated. We take these initial allegations very seriously and will respond appropriately as more information is received.”

Important Update from The Meeting House – email dated March 19, 2022

Danielle Strickland also made the announcement on Twitter.

Again, these are allegations at this point. I expect the Board of Overseers will commission a thorough investigation if they are found to be sufficiently credible.

TMH is encouraging anyone else with allegations against Cavey or anyone else at TMH to come forward.

“The Overseers Board of The Meeting House encourages anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct or abuse by a pastor, staff member, or lay leader within The Meeting House to contact Melodie confidentially at, or by calling 416-518-1058, or by filling out this online referral form.”

Important Update from The Meeting House – email dated March 19, 2022

Herald Press Has Ceased Production and Sales of Bruxy Cavey’s Books

Following the exposure of Bruxy Cavey’s years-long unconfessed extramarital sexual sin, his publisher has decided to stop all sales of his two books and their companion study guides. Herald Press (Harrisonburg, VA) made the announcement yesterday that Cavey titles The End of Religion and (re)Union and their study guides will no longer be made available. Cavey’s author bio is still on their website, but I don’t expect that to last long either.

Good on Herald Press, but it’s a shame that these books ever made it past the Editor’s table considering the nature of the content.

I’m sure if you wanted a copy for your shelf labelled “Heresy – For Research Purposes ONLY” you could still find them at retailers who have inventory. I guess my first edition The End of Religion and Advance Reader Copy of (re)Union are now collector’s items!

What to Make of the Bruxy Cavey Situation

So Bruxy Cavey has resigned after it was found out that eleven years ago he had an extramarital sexual relationship with a much younger congregant (see her statement here) that lasted for “a number of years” (as explained by The Meeting House Board of Overseers). In this article I will offer some of my own thoughts on the matter based on my history with Cavey, The Meeting House, and my involvement in the controversy surrounding his teaching that occurred from 2017 to 2019. Hopefully it will help others in processing what has happened and bring some biblical clarity.

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Bruxy Cavey Sexual Misconduct Accusations: Facts Coming Out

A couple days ago I wrote an article expressing my desire to hear the facts of the Bruxy Cavey sexual misconduct scandal before judging the matter. Well, it looks like the facts are out, and are corroborated by multiple lines of evidence and testimony. Here I will just give the facts as they stand so far. I’ll probably publish a couple of articles in the near future to editorialize the situation.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Maggie John, chair of the Overseers Committee at The Meeting House explained in a video Townhall event that a female congregant had come forward with information that she had been in a sexual relationship with Bruxy Cavey, a married pastor, that had begun when she sought pastoral counsel from Cavey. According to John, Cavey himself confessed that this was true, and Cavey was placed on leave immediately. The Board of Overseers then hired a third party investigator to look into the matter. Cavey’s accuser had initially come forward around the end of November, 2021. Throughout the Townhall Cavey’s accuser was referred to as a victim.

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Bruxy Cavey Resigns: Some Analysis and Caution

So, It’s been a while…

some background

On December 6th, 2021 The Meeting House (TMH) announced that Bruxy Cavey had been placed on leave and had his credentials suspended following “allegations of sexual misconduct” from an unnamed woman. At that time they also announced they had turned to a third party to launch an investigation into the accusations.

At the time I decided to say nothing about it. While the accusations did not surprise me, and while I am certainly no fan of Bruxy Cavey, the accusations had not been substantiated. Everyone is entitled to due process when accusations are raised, and accusers are unfortunately not uniformly honest nor reliable. Without knowing even the most basic facts of the case it would be sin to judge the matter. Furthermore, Scripture commands that we not entertain an accusation against an elder except on the testimony of two or three witnesses (1Timothy 5:19).

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Divine Accommodation: Bruxy Cavey’s Abuse of a Valid Principle

Bruxy Cavey has been hard at work these days trying to rid the Scriptures of any sign of the doctrine Penal Substitutionary Atonement. It’s a tough row to hoe, considering the concept of forgiveness of sin by the shedding of blood is one of the most prevalent themes throughout all of Scripture. Right from the very first few chapters of Genesis, all the way through to the end of the book of Revelation, the Scriptures testify to the fact that the shedding of blood, the death of an appropriate substitute on behalf of a sinner is necessary for forgiveness.

So then, how can Cavey deny this reality? What is his work-around? Enter the concept of “divine accommodation”. Cavey claims that the entire concept of blood sacrifice has its origin in false pagan religion. It’s a concept developed by man that God actually hates but acquiesced to and accommodated. According to Cavey the cross of Christ is not God’s giving of himself to propitiate his own wrath and satisfy his own justice on behalf of sinners. No, it’s a symbolic gesture meant to communicate to humanity “you are forgiven” in terms they would understand, but without the reality or actual necessity of Christ’s death for forgiveness.

Bruxy Cavey with Greg Boyd articulating his view of blood sacrifice as divine accommodation

His attempts to justify this view (most recently presented in this blog post, this blog post, and this sermon ) fall flat, but this particular article is not to refute Cavey’s arguments at length. – there’s another coming that will do that. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Bruxy Cavey is abusing the valid concept of divine accommodation and applying it in an inappropriate way.

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Discussing Paul Carter’s attempt at clarity with Bruxy Cavey – UPDATED

Pastor Jacob Reaume and myself were invited onto Rebel Alliance Media’s Rebel Podcast to discuss the troubling issues we have seen with the ongoing public interaction between Pastor Paul Carter of TGC Canada and First Baptist Church Orillia, Ontario and Bruxy Cavey.

Here are parts one and two of the podcast. Also, you should head over to Rebel Alliance Media to check out what else they have to offer.

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